Kashkaval Cheeses

Bahçıvan Kashkaval Cheeses, which are produced from pasteurized cow’s milk, take their own taste, smell and amber color by being kept in specially designed ripening room. Kashar cheeses which have completed their ripening process are diligently packed under hygienic conditions. Our packages which are easy to open provide ease of use to our clients. Full-fat kashar and light kashar cheeses are among the group of our Kashar cheese products.
Having been produced from pasteurized cow’s and ewe’s milk Bahçıvan Aged Kashkaval  Cheese is a kind of cheese which is offered after at least 120-day period of ripening process. It has unique fragrance and taste and it is bright straw yellow.

Sliced Kashkaval Cheeses

Bahçıvan Sliced Kashkaval  Cheese is produced from the top-quality cheeses and takes its aromatic taste from the special production techniques and its content comprising various cheeses in different flavors. Your sandwiches will be tastier with Bahçıvan Cheeses, having soft and easy-to-melt structure. You can create delicious and practical meals by using it for your breakfast, sandwiches and canapes. In addition to our packaging in different sizes and packages, our ready-sliced fresh kashar options are offered with an alternative in 90,225,500-gram packages that provides ease of use and matches any kind of usage habits, tastes, consumption frequency and lifestyle.

Double Cream Cheeses
Bembeyaz Double Cream Cheeses, with their high nutritional value, are produced under hygienic conditions untouched by human hands thanks to advanced production and packaging technology and takes their places in the tables. It is also possible to slice and also to spread the white cheeses having different tastes and soft structure than traditional cheeses due to the process applied. Light Bembeyaz Double Cream Cheese, with its low salt and low fat content, is produced for and consumed by those people who prefer to eat healthier foods. These cheeses which have lower fat content than regular cheeses are healthy and tasty alternative for those who diet and wish to keep their fit at their breakfast and snacks. Lactose-free double cream cheese is a cottage cheese produced for consumers who have lactose intolerance and have a problem with the digestive system. Also, the double cream cheeses appeal to a wide range of consumers, including the elders and children, with its both soft structure and neutral taste.
White Cheeses
Bahçıvan White Cheese is produced from pasteurized cows’ milk. With its color of porcelain white, Bahçıvan White Cheeses are indispensable for cheese lovers. Our Sliced White Cheeses which are only produced by Bahçıvan Gıda through a different technology in Turkey have unique taste and structure. You can easily use not only for your sandwiches, salads and pastas but also for your breakfast. Full-fat Classic White Cheese,hanks to the different applications in its process, appeals to the taste buds of those keen on classic white cheese with its unique structure and taste, with the difference of Sliced White Cheeses. They will take its place among indispensable products of the tables with their flavor given to brunches and sandwiches.
Exclusive Cheeses
Delicious Cheese Balls are produced in small balls, Delicious Chesee Mixes are produced in stars, hearts and rings shapes; moreover, Delicious Cheese Stripes are produced in stripes form; and they are law salty, soft and delicious snack food which are produced from pasteurized cow’s milk. You can create salads and pizzas in unique taste and appearance with Delicious Cheese Balls and Stripes that you can enjoy at any time of the day. They can be inseparable part of your tables as a special kind of cheese which are consumed by adults, who are fond of their palatal delight, with their naturalness and by children cheerfully with their nutritive values and attractive shapes. String and Chechil Cheeses, as well as braided cheeses with their hard and salty structure, which are among traditional special products offer different regional flavor alternatives with their perfect fibrous structure. Chechil Cheese is a kind of cheese having fibrous structure that can be separated by fibers. You can use our regional cheese varieties which are delicious and nourishing in different recipes as well as at breakfast. You can also get softer and less salty flavor by soaking chechil cheese in water, and also you can get delicious flavors by using it in making omelet. Light and tasty string cheeses, having intense milk taste with its high nutritional value, offer healthy and traditional alternatives at breakfast and snacks. Our special and regional braided cheeses which are produced in braiding design and require quite a lot labor diversify the breakfast and salads and offer complete pleasure with their fibrous structure that requires mastery. You can use our Halloumi Cheese, specific to Cyprus, whether in raw or in fried form in a pan or on a grill at your meals and in your sandwiches, and you can get unique tastes. It adds new flavors to the table with its eligible form for frying, unique taste and flavor. Fresh Mozzarella Balls in Water and Mozzarella Mini Balls in Water, specific to Italy, which are consumed as fresh, have the color of porcelain white and excellent taste. It may be generally served sliced in thin circles with tomatoes, olive oil and basil. Grated Mozzarella Cheese is a practical product that eases the life and that you can use in your pizzas, pastas and soups.
Spreadable Cheeses
Bahçıvan Mild Cream Cheese, less salty and suitable for Turkish taste, is produced under hygienic conditions untouched by human hands. Thanks to its soft and creamy structure, Bahçıvan Mild Cream Cheese is easily spreadable and its use is not limited to breakfast. You can also use it for production of desserts such as tiramisu, cheesecake and cookies as well as in making pastries, pies and biscuits, and also you can confidently use it in making appetizers, sauces and soups. With Bahçıvan Spreadable Cheese, we offer you a unique taste that you can easily spread and use in breakfast, snacks, sandwiches and canapes. Bahçıvan Spreadable Cheese which is highly practical with its easy-to-store packaging and easy-to-open foil without tear will be inseparable part of modern life. Triangle Cheese is a product made with special processing of delicious and quality cheese. Our triangle cheeses, inseparable part of warm bagel and tea, which you can carry at anytime and anywhere and you can easily consume offer practical and insatiable flavor.
Bahçıvan Butter is produced from the cream derived from milk collected from the farms in the Thrace region. It is at the forefront with its characteristic taste, smell and color. Bahçıvan Butter which is processed with the understanding of highest quality, health and hygiene offers special alternatives for those who do not want to give up the tastes of Turkish cuisine.
Imported Cheeses
You can use Parmesan cheese that we have imported from Italy especially for you in your pastas, salads and pizzas.
Mass Consumption Cheeses
Grated and Block Mozzarella cheeses which are produced for mass consumption have the characteristic of perfect melting and stretching. With such characteristics, our mozzarella cheese which is an inseparable part of pizzas is preferred by many domestic and foreign companies. Grated Mozzarella Cheeses are produced, regarding the demands of our consumers, in strips and cubes, and in gas and frozen form. 2-kg Sandwich Cheese is produced especially for delicatessen and mass consumption centers and it can be easily sliced if desired. 1.5-kg Sliced Sandwich Cheese is produced especially for the buffets making toast and sandwiches with its perfect toasting performance. Slices being separated from one another easily provide ease of use. 2.75-kg Mild Cream Cheese can be used for production of desserts such as cheesecake and tiramisu with its consistency and taste. 2.5-kg Delicious Cheese Balls and Stripes are portioned in delicatessen sections in line with the requirements of the consumers, and offer a healthy snack alternative that can be used in pizzas and salads. Cube White Cheese is produced in 300 g and 650 g and combines practical use and taste together in salads and sandwiches. Our Butter products, which are produced with their unique smell, taste and naturalness, are produced in 1-kg form as well as in options of 5, 10, 25-kg weight in grams for mass consumption centers.
Mini Cracker with Bahçıvan Cheese
1.5 cups of water, 2 tablespoons margarine, 1 teaspoon salt, and flour as you can mix into a dough as medium hardness. Refrigerated rest after an hour or so, open it by the roller blade thickness. Traythem into greased oven by cutting dough round with tea cup. Holes in them with a fork, sprinkle with salt. Cook them until being golden brown into 190 degree oven. After receiving them from the oven, grease Bahçıvan Cream Cheese on them, and serve by garnishing tomato and dill, chopped small rectangles.
Kunafah with Bahçıvan String Cheese
Put 250 g shredded wheat on lightly greasing the baking tray. Pour half a pack of butter on it by melting and put 1 package (250 g) of Bahçıvan String Cheese. After sprinkling 150 g pine kernel by pouring equally on the tray, then add on 250 g of shredded wheat. Bake in 180 degree oven for 45 minutes. After taking out of the oven, pour cold syrup prepared by boiling 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups. Serve it as warm.
Fettuccini Alfredo
Boil 1 package of fettuccini pasta according to the receipt and drain. Superheat the butter in a broiler. Roast 350 g slightly sliced mushroom into the broiler. Add garlic and salt into it. Afterwards, add 250 g chicken into the broiler. Add thyme when closed to be cooked. After including 1 package of cream and blending, take the pasta into a broiler and add the batter prepared with chicken and mushroom. You can serve your pasta by adding Bahçıvan grated cheese & mozzarella cheese, parsley and dill.
Salad with Bahçıvan White Cheese
Wash cucumbers. Slice them in circles without peeling the shell. Divide lettuce into large pieces. Take all of them into a large bowl. Stir in parsley. Mix salad by pouring olive oil and lemon juice. Add salt. Take the salad on serving dish and sprinkle Bahçıvan cube white cheese and coarse ground black pepper and serve.
Mozzarella Pizza with Bahçıvan
3 cups flour, 1 cup yoghurt, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon baking powder and salt in a mixing fermented dough and knead it. Light on a surface sprinkled with flour, the dough will cook wide open tray. 5-6 cherry tomatoes, boiled corn, 1 cup Bahçıvan Grated Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese and add 2 fresh green peppers, gently twist the edges of the dough to cook.
  • Mini Cracker with
    Bahçıvan Cheese
  • Kunafah with Bahçıvan
    String Cheese
  • Fettuccini
  • Salad with
    Bahçıvan White Cheese
  • Mozzarella Pizza
    with Bahçıvan
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